Guernsey police chief forced to step down

GUERNSEY – Guernsey Police Chief Terri VanDam has resigned the position that she held since January 2019.

In a letter dated Jan. 15, VanDam stated she was resigning involuntarily and by “force” from Mayor Nicholas Paustian and members of the town council.

She stated her reasons for the resignation, which included retaliation against her for being a whistleblower, unethical acts and conduct by town employees and corruption of public officials.

She added that she has no reprimands in her position. 

“I have an accomplishment list that speaks for itself and shows the tenacity and passion that I put into my work,” she stated.

Just two weeks ago, VanDam reported to council members that the department’s call volume declined in 2019 compared to the previous year.

In the letter, she accused the town of failing to protect its employees and violating federal harassment laws.

She stated that the town “has created a hostile work environment for all workers and has repeatedly retaliated against employees.”

“I have dedicated five years of my life in this career field in Guernsey to promote positive changes that would allow for our youth to grow up in a community that is drug free and crime resistant,” she stated in the letter. “Those changes are still going to happen whether I am in an official position of not.”

Attempts to contact Paustian for comment were not immediately successful Sunday.


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