Guernsey food pantry gets new generator

Pat Russell, head of the Guernsey Food Pantry shows off the new generator that was purchased with the city of Guernsey for the pantry. The funds were made available through two grants.

GUERNSEY – Much is happening at the Guernsey food pantry and due to some great gifts the pantry will never have to worry about power outages ruining food that is refrigerated.

The food pantry just had a new Generator purchased and installed in Partnership with the Town of Guernsey.

“The pantry just got 2 grants to pay our half of the generator,” said Guernsey Food Pantry director Pat Russell. “A $5K check was donated by the Wyoming Hunger Initiative and the Wyoming first lady Jennie Gordon and $10K from the Wyoming Community Foundation. This keeps our food safe in the walk-in freezer and fridge during power outages.”

Wyoming Hunger Initiative has also donated 100 lbs. of hamburger and 450 lbs. of game meat which includes deer, antelope and elk during the past month.

“They also have grants we expect to receive to provide the fixings for Thanksgiving and Christmas,” Russell said. “We have ordered 30 turkeys from the local grocery store and Lynn's Foods always helps and donates items to us monthly as well.”

In addition, the pantry received 700 lbs. of potatoes from the University of Wyoming this month from the extension farm in Lingle and Dr. Steve Paisley. They also donated over 11,000 lbs. to the Food bank of Wyoming and several hundred pounds to a local pantry in Torrington.

“We have partnered with Bimbos and Sabrena Lockman from Wheatland and they are donating bread, buns and goodies,” Russell said. “The pantry board has increased the income limits from 185% of poverty to 200% of poverty -

The pantry services Hartville, Fort Laramie and Guernsey every Friday from 2-4 and after hours by contacting Pat Russell if needed.

The next Mobile Pantry open to all is Dec. 17 from 1-3 p.m. at the Guernsey Town Hall

“Lynn's foods for the We Care program has been fantastic,” Russel said.  “This is a wonderful fundraiser that has benefited the pantry more than we could imagine and this allows the entire community to support us without any funds out of their pocket. And one more thank you To the volunteers that freely give up the personal time to help with the Mobile Pantry and the weekly pantry. I couldn't do it without each one of you.”

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