Guernsey Economic and Tourism Development Board preparing for life after COVID

GUERNSEY – The Guernsey Economic and Tourism Development Board held their first regular meeting after restrictions were eased in the state of Wyoming. The group had not met since Feb. 11. Some of the highlights from the meeting included:

Barb Frederick provided a town beautification report which included ordering pansies and petunias from Pleasant Valley Greenhouse, and mentioning that due to the limited response for the cleaning day due to the inclement weather, the project would be postponed until warmer temperatures ensued. 

One of the first topics tackled was the need for an upgraded and more mobile friendly web site. Pat Russell who is championing the project suggested that instead of switching from Hale Multimedia to a new link or new domain site, an upgrade for $1500 would be prudent. The board agreed and voted unanimously to fund the upgrade.

Business switched to the Niobrara sign just north of Wheatland and after discussion of the sign, it’s location and its merits, the board agreed to help defray their cost by paying for $1,000.

With the departure of Kate Farmer, the board is looking for someone else to carry the ball for coordinating some of the summer projects. The first summer concert of the season will be held June 4 and the entire concert schedule and summer schedule can be found on the website:

New 2-sided color brochures were also put together by Rose Martinez and although the board decided on ordering an initial 200 brochures, the size and cost of the project is still ongoing. Dan Sisson mentioned that KINKOS could print color brochures for .89 per page and the board was looking to find a more inexpensive option.

The annual farmers market will go on as planned according to Misty Thomas and will run from July 30-Oct. 1. Changes this year will include going each Thursday from 4 – 6 p.m. Thus far, there are 21 vendors interested but not all are yet committed. The board agreed to put an entry fee of $10 per vendor for the season.

The Guernsey garage sales, because of the coronavirus has been postponed until June, Martinez said. She also mentioned that Ft. Laramie has completely opted out of participating this year.

Dan Sisson from administration and budget commented that they were looking into getting some type of liability insurance for the nonprofit members.

Ron Cain from the ANG said that because directives were pushed back, the camp will be closed until June 30 and that it would deplete the amount of training that would go forth. The restriction, however does not include external mobilized units, and there will be some activity from these guardsmen.

As for the Cobblestone update, the board has agreed to push back the first payment on the building until 2021.

Twisters Eatery and Bed & Breakfast has had to shut down, and in lieu of no activity, the board has honored a request to forgive the monthly payments of April, May and June to help defray costs at the establishment.

The BNSF layoffs were discussed with possible options to families who would be displaced by the breaking news put forth last week by the railroad. More information is given on this in a separate article on BNSF closures.

Finally, a lot next to Kelly’s bar is to undergo a possible facelift where flower boxes and benches may be added and mobile in the event that the lot would ever come up for sale.


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