Guernsey Community Food Pantry fully functional

The new Guernsey community food pantry is about 99% completed and has provided a permanent space for food prep and food storage. The new refrigerator was delivered last week and a new freezer is also on its way to the pantry.

Year in Review

GUERNSEY - The town of Guernsey has been working with the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies to set up a permanent pantry that has been consistently providing food each week for the people in Platte County and surrounding areas.

There are actually two pantries that are being run according to community food bank president Pat Russell.

“This is the weekly pantry,” said Russell. “The one that used to be at the church. Today we are also running the mobile pantry and will be feeding about 300 people who will drive through our facility. Today’s protein is chicken. We also have a lot fruit including pears, oranges, apples, pineapples and vegetables.”

There were 30 volunteers helping to pack boxes Jan. 20 and according to Russell, the government had run out of money to build boxes, so all the fruits and vegetables had to be sorted and boxed for the people coming through. It left the small army of volunteers scrambling with extra work, but the steady line of cars picking up food went through on time and without a hitch.


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