Guernsey Bed & Breakfast offers quaint and cozy

Twisters Bed & Breakfast was recently purchased by Craig Frederick partially because he was trying to encourage more tourism in the town of Guernsey. Mark DeLap/Guernsey Gazette

GUERNSEY – Twisters is the newly organized Tex-Mex restaurant that new owner, Craig Frederick hopes will make Guernsey a sought-after tourist location on the Oregon Trail. The second part of the equation that makes the restaurant even more appealing is that it also features Twisters Bed & Breakfast.
Featured in the Gazette last week was the incredible restaurant that has started to boom because of its cuisine that is authentic Tex-Mex brought by third-generation restauranter and manager Andrea Bolinger.
Twisters Bed & Breakfast is the perfect partner for the restaurant with the cozy feel of the rooms which remain very reasonable in price for weary travelers. Allison Lockman is currently the new bed-and-breakfast manager who was hired by Frederick.
“When I was thinking about getting into this business, I just asked her if she’d be interested in helping me with it,” Frederick said. “She has really taken over many aspects, not only handling the cleaning, but she has done a lot of decorating and finding ways to make the rooms more functional for those looking to use the rooms for business.”
The bed-and-breakfast which is situated next door to the restaurant is perfect for travelers who are seeking out a clean and quiet country town.
“She has never done anything like this but is very creative and organized and this a role that definitely fits her personality,” Frederick said. “The bnb was a remodel project beginning in 2016 as a Wyoming business council business committed grant. It was open for business in the summer of 2018.”
Although the restaurant and the bed-and-breakfast business is owned by Frederick, the building is owned by the Guernsey Economic Tourism and Development Corporation and leased by Frederick.
“It’s the group’s preference to lease to the owner of Twisters due to the businesses’ proximity to each other and the sharing of the kitchen, he said. “There are a number of quality hotels in our community and this property is meant to attract travelers and business people that may prefer a bed-n-breakfast setup versus a traditional hotel setting. Our guests enjoy close proximity to downtown and a complimentary Twisters breakfast.”
Fredericks mentioned that he hope to market the BNB in order to encourage more tourism business in Guernsey. Besides adding a Mexican menu to Twisters restaurant, he would also like to grow their freshly baked goods aspect of the business, as that too is not the most readily available in Guernsey.
“If anyone knows me, they know that I am committed to Guernsey, and to be a business owner in my hometown again has me very excited,” Frederick said.
Twisters Bed & Breakfast is located at 84 N. Wyoming Avenue in Guernsey, Wyoming, and their phone number for reservations and availability is (307) 331-3943.


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