Guernsey athletic awards

Brock Hohnholt: Selected to the All-Conference team 2020-21

I’ve started varsity since my freshman year and this year I averaged 18 points per game. I found out about it last week when it came out on Facebook. One of my favorite memories was coming out in the first game of the year to score 27 points. I was surprised and excited about being nominated all conference. This was the best team I’ve had my whole life. Coach was great and was probably the best coach I’ve ever had, and I’ve gone through quite a few coaches in my career. He has a different approach on the program and how to make us work to win. Although my career started with a major head injury and I didn’t really get to play sports until sophomore year, it makes me never want to take even one day of practice for granted. And when I am having a bad day, I just keep pushing and try to keep a positive mind-set, because when you are having a rough time, it doesn’t help when you get frustrated.

Justin Malcom: Selected to the All-Conference team 2020-21

To me getting all conference means a lot because our school has had a rough run in basketball for a long time and not a lot of our players have gotten this kind of recognition. It makes it a little sweeter that I got it in my last season. As far as our season goes, I could not have been happier with the turnout, we set a lot of goals at the beginning of the season, most of which we were able to meet such as making it to state for the first time in a long time. This last season was only the second season that I’ve ever had more wins than losses on my record which felt absolutely amazing, and I hope my team can take that feeling of winning and making it to the dance and continue building on that and hopefully build Guernsey’s program back to being competitive and respected around the state.

Coach Taylor Dick:
1A Eastern Coach of the year for the second straight season 2020-21

The award is nice and fun. But it doesn’t mean much without the team. The team deserves all the recognition in the world. And to me, I’m not stopping until this program is a respected program in all of 1A. It feels like we were the feel-good story. That people were happy to see a different team at state. I want to be there every year where the team and the kids are respected. It’s nice and all, but if my kids are not getting the love from everyone else, then I have more work to do for them. The kids are really the ones that make me look good. It’s not about me. I do appreciate other coaches thinking I’m doing a nice job and I’m headed in the right direction, but it’s because I know the kids have my back, through the good times and the bad, just like I will always have theirs. And I want to get them to their dreams.

Coach D on his
All-Conference seniors:

Both are great players. Both are underappreciated and under recognized in the state. I might be biased in that, but I truly believe they deserve more recognition than what they got. This team would not be where it was without them. Justin is a great leader and facilitator. He controls things he needs to. He was also an elite defender when he really locked down, he is extremely tough and competitive. And there really was nothing like his shot. So sweet. Great kid and player. Brock probably saw more love than Justin did as he did more scoring and rebounding usually. Brock played with his heart on his sleeve. He never left a game without giving it his best. When you need a play to happen he was willing to take the challenge. He played through everything. He never let contact bother him inside. To speak to his talent. He played all five positions for us consistently all season. That’s how you know he is a great player. Both of them deserve to be All state. As our program grows our players will get the recognition they deserve. These guys are what Vikings are. And they have done a good job showing the next group what to do to keep going up. I’m so happy for them and they will be missed greatly. To sum it up, there are not words to describe how great these two are and how much I owe them for their time. They can always count on me to have their backs if they ever need it. They understand that as great as basketball is, and how good they are, who they have become is the greatest skill of all.


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