Genia Vineyard receives certification to lead local businesses

Genia Vineyard and the staff at Simply Creative.

WHEATLAND - Wyoming business leader, Genia Vineyard, has become a certified Facilitator to teach the Destination Creation Course, a class designed to help business owners increases their revenue, customer traffic and marketing reach.

Vineyard is one of only 64 trained Facilitators in North America and the only retail owner to be certified in the entire Western region.

The Destination Creation Course teaches the proven 14-point business success strategy developed by internationally-known business consultant Jon Schallert. Schallert created this methodology after three decades of coaching independent business owners to make their businesses irresistible to customers. Businesses that follow Schallert’s process can attract both local consumers and customers from far beyond the typical geographic market of a business.
The course, which can be presented in person or online by Vineyard has attracted an enthusiastic following this year, following the challenges of the worldwide pandemic in 2020 and 2021.  

“I was eager to help business owners in my community gain the tools we’ll need to recover and prosper after what they’ve gone through last year and this year during the pandemic,” said Vineyard. “The strategies are practical, affordable and easy-to-implement, and they have made a huge difference in the success of small businesses across the United States and Canada.” 

The Destination Creation Course consists of 10 downloadable webinars by Schallert, along with other interviews from top business authors on topics vital to small businesses. Participants also receive a digital 178-page workbook when taking the class.

“Our mission has always been to help independently-owned businesses who are the backbone of so many communities in North America,” Schallert says. “When we train leaders like Genia, they are able to bring this critically-important information back to owners who need it. Taking the Destination Creation Course can help owners gain back revenue they lost during the pandemic and successfully position themselves for the remaining 2021 year, into 2022.” 

For more information, visit or Genia Vineyard of Simply Creative at 307-322-0918 or [email protected]


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