Family Dollar construction continues

GUERNSEY  The deadline is approaching for the grand opening of the new Family Dollar store currently under construction on the corner of W. Whalen Street and North Dakota Avenue. According to preferred developer Dave Murdock from Salt Lake City, the project should be completed by Nov. 1.

Murdock who builds Family Dollar stores all over Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and in Idaho is with a group of investors who buys the land, builds the shell of a building and then leases those buildings to the Family Dollar Corporation. The lease is generally 10 to 15 years.

“I am supposed to have it done by the first of November,” Murdock said, “but I should be done with it long before then.”

Murdock was hoping for a September finish to the project, but with COVID, some supplies and production had to be pushed back.

As for the choice of the Guernsey site, Murdock said that it was also a Family Dollar initiative.

“Their system of locating sites is pretty sophisticated,” Murdock said. “They for some reason locked on to Guernsey and liked what they saw in the numbers and decided they wanted to be here.”

The building itself will be 9180 sq. ft. and the shell itself will cost approximately half a million dollars according to Murdock.

“Then they come in and do a lot of improvements,” Murdock said. “And of course all of their equipment and the land costs.”

Building inspector Matt Allred estimated and threw out the figure of $1 million and Murdock said that by the time all the costs were added up, that estimate may be right on point.


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