Details emerge in deadly South Torrington shooting

TORRINGTON – Terry Dean Anderson is behind bars in Goshen County and awaiting his chance to appear before Eighth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Nathaniel Hibben. 

Anderson is charged with a single felony count of aggravated assault and battery in connection with the shooting death of Deedra Strauch in South Torrington on Jan. 24. Goshen County Sheriff Kory Fleenor could not confirm the death nor divulge any details of the ongoing investigation, but a crowdfunding page organized by Becky and Brandee Strauch confirms Deedra Stauch passed away on Jan. 26. 

If Anderson is found guilty, he could face the next decade in prison, a $10,000 fine or both after he “did cause serious bodily injury to Deedra Strauch intentionally, knowingly or recklessly under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life,” according to charging documents filed in the circuit court. 

In the Affidavit of Probable Cause, which was filed by Goshen County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Edwin Ochoa, Anderson told law enforcement officers the shooting was accidental and occurred during an altercation between Strauch and Anderson. 

“I overheard Terry Anderson state that he and Deedra Strauch had been in an altercation in the kitchen,” Ochoa wrote. “Terry advised Undersheriff Doug Patrick that during the altercation Deedra hit Terry with a broom, knocking him down, causing the gun to be knocked over and accidentally discharging.”

Anderson told law enforcement the gun hadn’t been cocked and his finger had not been near the trigger. Anderson also told deputies that he had the gun stored until recently and expressed remorse for the incident at the scene. 

“‘I can’t believe this happened,’” Anderson is quoted as saying in the affidavit. “‘It was such an accident. I would have never shot that woman. I am in love with that woman.’”

Ochoa wrote that he observed a brown rifle on the floor. 

“I was advised by Sheriff Fleenor the bullet impacted Deedra in the left side of her head.”

Ochoa was able to use his training to determine that Anderson did cause the gun to fire, which led to the aggravated assault and battery charge. 

“Through my experience and training with firearms, the rifle would have had to have been cocked for it to fire,” Ochoa wrote. “Terry admitted, through his comments, his actions caused the gun to discharge. During the conversations with Terry, it appeared he was under the influence of some form of controlled substance.”

Anderson was later apprehended by Nebraska law enforcement in Henry, Neb. As of press time, a bond has not been set. 


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