County comes together to cruise

Mark Delap/Guernsey Gazette Cars and trucks of every make, model and year participated in “The Cruise” that is held in the town of Wheatland every Friday night at 7 p.m. The event is an alternative to the quarantine and allows people to take a drive with other residents from Platte County in a parade of solidarity during this time of pandemic.

PLATTE COUNTY – When the whole world is shut in, Platte County residents hold “The Cruise” which happens every Friday night at 7 p.m. down the main drag of Wheatland.

There is one interesting fact about Wheatland. You will see more cars in the Friday night cruises than you see in town for the entire month. Genia Vineyard had an idea to get families out of their quarantine on Friday nights.

An old-fashioned cruise like they did on this very street back in the 50s and right on up through the 80s is now a hotter topic than the virus in Platte County. People honking horns, waving, screaming out of the windows and finding a cure for cabin fever.

People come from all over the county which, by the way is the only county without a confirmed case of coronavirus to date.

It is beyond description in this little cowboy town what has been happening. The camaraderie, the joy, the enthusiasm of a grassroots, old-fashioned cruise, and smiles on the kids faces in the midst of a global pandemic are just some of the magic that occurs every Friday night.

This says something about the people of Platte County. About their creative spirit, about their being able to pull together during this kind of adversity, and about their ability to bring the fun. Cars, trucks, old and new, clunkers and classics, all came together to circle the town and “circle the wagons” against the virus.

They have issued a proclamation that “this is NOT going to beat us.”

It’s free, frivolous and fun. The gas prices are down, so people are apt to cruise for hours.  Every Friday night you will see the cars cruising east and then west on South Street with friends and family and strangers who instantly become a part of the Platte County family.

It is simply the place to be and to be a part of something that takes the focus and fear off bacteria is a place most hallowed.
The county invites you to come out to ride for solidarity against something nobody has been able to control. Although there are no rules, and you may have to sit in a minor traffic jam to get on the main path, organizers do ask that people practice social distancing and stay in their own cars.

Grab some popcorn, drive-thru an eating establishment to support the local businesses and be part of the biggest parade in all of Wyoming.


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