Community rallies for flag raising

WHEATLAND – Two flags found a new home and an empty flagpole finally stepped into the role that it was intended for, June 15 in front of the boutique and embroidery shop, Touch of Color owned by Kim Zimmerman.

Zimmerman who had purchased the former liquor store and moved her business into the building in 2019 not only purchased the property, but inherited with that building, a 30-foot flagpole that stood without a flag or halyard.

The shop reflects the order and quaint eclectic nature of Zimmerman’s personality. Every item in the shop is neatly and carefully placed. It has a very finished look to it, and Zimmerman is all about completion. She is also all about patriotism and so, a flagpole in front of her store without a flag just wouldn’t do.

From a tiny inspired idea to perhaps get a flag at some point, she planted seeds and a garden blossomed rather quickly into a full-blown flag-raising ceremony.

“It has turned into something wonderful,” Zimmerman said. “The veterans have decided that they wanted to do a special flag dedication for me. It’s just amazing what they have decided to do.”

The VFW from Platte County donated a large American flag and a POW flag which was hoisted at the flag-raising dedication and ceremony. The City of Wheatland came and installed the halyard a week before the ceremony.

The VFW Legion Riders brought in the flags by motorcycle motorcade into the town of Wheatland and down to 715 10th Street where Touch of Color is located in the same parking lot as Thrifty Foods. The group of riders came roaring down 10th Street at 4 p.m. and prior to that, Zimmerman had the entire ceremony surrounded in celebration, excitement and song that began an hour before the riders arrived.

She had music set up that filled the downtown area with songs provided by DJ Justin Herdt who kicked out the jams while the crowd was assembling and after the ceremony where there was an American Flag cake, water and lemonade for all the people who had come out to support the patriotic ceremony.

In addition, Zimmerman had arranged for local singer Rod Russell to sing the Star-Spangled Banner as the flags were raised to their position of prominence on the once-empty flagpole.

Zimmerman, who was visibly moved at seeing her flags atop the pole during the song said, “The veterans blessed the flag raising and it was very special to me.”

The ceremony brought out many veterans and spectators who had tears in their eyes as the flag went up and it was not only a show of patriotism, but a celebration of how dreams can come to fruition with a little faith, tenacity and a visionary spirit that refuses to give up.


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