Bakers by the dozens...

GUERNSEY--When the fourth, fifth and sixth graders were given some very special homework last week, it was hard to imagine just what it might produce.

Following last week’s special program called Bake for Good put on by the King Arthur Flour Company, the kids were each given a kit that contained the ingredients and recipes they were to take home and turn into two baked pastry items of their choice.  One they got to keep and enjoy themselves but the other was to be returned to school to be donated to local residents in the community. 

Guernsey-Sunrise Food Coordinator had her hand full Monday morning when students began bringing in their contributions.  “They just keep coming”, said Daly as the lunchroom tables began to fill up with cinnamon rolls, loaves of bread, braided bread and more.  It was soon obvious the kids were not only paying attention during last week’s demonstration but there are quite a few who could have culinary in their not-too-distant future! 

Thanks to the program sponsored by King Arthur Flour, the vision of a food coordinator who set it all up and the dedicated efforts of the kids, everybody should get an A+ on this assignment!

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