• The city cleanup campaign in Guernsey has improved the looks of the town tenfold. Now if the Community Club would offer a cash prize for the property owner who puts forward the most effort to improve his property it might keep efforts moving forward, demonstrating to others that Guernsey has the finest, most beautiful townsite in the state.
• The east-bound Burlington passenger train collided into the rear of the C&S freight train near Guernsey demolishing the rear caboose and overturning the passenger engine. Fortunately all escaped injury.
• Thanks to the various teachers and other workers supervised by Miss Hawes, the county superintendent, the Platte County Inter-scholastic meet was a great success. A variety of contests were held including a track meet, a basketball game, an oratorical and declamatory contest, and an art exhibit.
• Several business concerns are making improvements. The Roller Mill is putting in a new concrete approach to the elevator. Benton & Hoffman are enlarging their store basement.
• H. Tisch is excavating under the Tisch Building to provide storage rooms. McCallum Lumber is about to erect a large shed 75 X 100 feet. The combined ice plant, storage house, and butcher shop of D. Cochrane & Son will be up and running within the next fortnight. These are all indications that the businessmen of Wheatland are optimistic about the future.
• Mrs. Ellen Salsberry and Elmer Tracy were united in marriage. They will make their home in the Axford community. Mr. John Donald passed away after a lingering illness.
• Joe Stake of Wheatland easily defeated Earl Dollar of Casper in the recent wrestling match. More matches are scheduled in the near future.
• Mrs. Bert Godwin of Barnum made it to the hospital in very critical condition after a harrowing ordeal. She has been very ill for the past month, but was snowbound 50 miles from a railroad. As soon as a truck could break its way through the drifts she was brought on a cot to the railroad where she traveled in the baggage car 150 miles to reach Wheatland. She has been in a stupor since with slight improvement, but her condition is not considered hopeful.
• Platte County has made an appropriation of $80,000 to be duplicated with state and federal funds for the construction of proposed state highways and connecting roads.
• In a contentious ruling, it has been judged that homesteaders positively have oil lease preferential rights on their own land. Up until this ruling, many homesteaders only received surface rights.
• The Centennial oil well in Goshen Hole is down to 2,300 feet. Experts are now saying that it may have to be deepened to 2,700 feet or even 3,200 feet before oil is reached.
• A small tornado struck the country about five miles west of Wheatland and demolished small barns, sheds, and chicken houses. It expended its violence on the M.C. Logan farm where all the buildings except the house were damaged or blown away. Mr. Logan was struck by flying timbers which injured his arm and shoulder.
• Services in German have been reinstated at the Lutheran Church.
• The Greater Shows of Christy Brothers fame will entertain the citizens of Wheatland with a number of high class attractions including thrilling air events, the slide for life, and trained animal exhibitions.


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